On Financial Planning

I am currently reading a book about a guide for financial planning for Pinoys. I heard this book when a discussion in the Microsoft Philippines forum was started on how to make your money bigger.


Personally, I have been discussing this to myself and looking for ways to invest my savings yet I don’t know where to start. I tried searching for materials over the internet regarding investments but I haven’t seen a clear direction on where to really start. The book is pretty much straight forward and topics are divided into 7 chapters (exclusive of the chapter for glossary) that covers most financial topics:

a. Introduction to Financial Security
b. Making a Financial Security Safety Net
c. Getting the most out of banks
d. Debts
e. Investing 101
f. Insurance
g. Trying it all in

The last chapter is about the author’s final statement on what’s on and what’s not about the book. The book however is not a guarantee in making you rich but serves as a guide on how to free/comfort yourself from financial problems. Eventually, being free from financial problems gives you the option of saving more thus making you “rich” or better yet, financially stable. Still, the option of becoming financially stable depends on one on where to spend, and what to save for the rainy days. The book is available in Powerbooks for Php 295 and most of the copies are running out. In fact, I had my copy reserved in a branch where I initially inquired. Book 2 of the said title will be released this September and will cover topics about Retirement and Estate Planning coinciding with the 2nd Financial Planning Expo at SM Megamall.

I don’t personally know the author but the book is a worthwhile investment for future investments. I highly recommend this book and I say, a must-have for everyone.


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