On Backing Up Data

I am slowly cleaning my room once in a while so I can properly put into place things that I can throw and things that I can keep or recycle for future use. Last night, I started cleaning my closet (do I hear Eminem?) and reviewed the contents of my CD cases.

The contents of these CD cases are DVDs of either backup files from my laptop should I need more space and some are files which I keep for reference in some of the things that I do. Example of this would be saved blog entries (of other people) and some are web templates that I use for my web projects. More often than not, I do not label my DVDs and when I look for a specific backup later, it would be a trial and error thing for me coming up with the material that I need. Unfortunately, there are some instances where the DVDs that I back up won’t read well after a specific period of time. For example, I randomly picked a DVD in the case and it contains the following:

  • My ASP.NET “Atlas” material used in Singapore
  • Singapore vacation pictures
  • Mobile phone data backup
  • Chat logs
  • and more personal things

I tried opening the folders but it seems like it doesn’t respond anymore. I’ve checked the bottom of the DVD, and there seems to be no problem nor erring marks underneath it but it seems like optical drives are having a hard time reading it. I actually used a “cheap” DVD+R disc which cost me around 8 pesos each. The other discs are still working (same DVD+R disc) but this one, with some important data,  doesn’t anymore. I’m a bit sentimental to my things and it seems like there’s a possibility that the other discs could suffer the same fate as this one. I am thinking of other storage solutions that I can use but it seems like saving the contents in the disc that can still be retrieved would be the desperate option.

Buying another hard drive is pretty expensive knowing that I have just finished paying for my portable hard drive (which is right now 3,000 less from the time I bought it) and buying another would prove to be impractical. What could be your suggestions on where to possibly store large data in a longer time possible. Perhaps, 3 years?


One thought on “On Backing Up Data

  1. I usually burn stuff onto DVD’s. Stuff that I really want to stand the test of time, I’ll have to burn again. Media just wears out after a while. It doesn’t really matter what media it is. I would recommend looking into a higher quality DVD brand, instead of a generic type.

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