Annoying Mall People

Everytime I go to SM North Edsa, I never fail to cross by the booth of Family First, an insurance-related company not because there’s a cute chick that I can look but because they are located on areas where I pass to go home. Whenever someone from that booth would ask me if I have a credit card, I politely inform them that I don’t have one even if I have a credit card. I know it’s a sin to lie but I just can’t stand being harassed by them.

Last night, I passed by the mall to buy some things for my room (as I haven’t cleaned it yet since I came back from vacation) and the expected crossing again to either of their booths happened. This time, I tried not to lie and check what would be their new script be. After buying something from National Bookstore (at the basement of the mall), I headed for Filbars which would have me cross on a booth of Family First in the main mall.

Family First Agent (FFA) : Sir, pwedeng magtanong?
Me: Yes, ano yun?
FFA: May credit card po ba kayo?
Me: Yes, dalawa pa nga.
FFA: VISA po ba?
Me: Yes, parehong VISA.
FFA: Congratulations Sir!
Me: (In a pathetic tone) What for?
FFA: Sir, basta. Congratulations. You won a raffle ticket (what da!?) and SM Gift certificate (100 pesos? I can buy a lot of those)
Me: Sorry, I am not interested.
FFA: Sir, kahit i-fill up niyo lang itong raffle coupon.
Me: No, thanks.

After the conversation happened, I proceeded to where I should go. As I pass by the Carpark Building (where there’s a one floor shopping area) checking on the prices of Canon lenses, there’s another booth almost (of FF) in front of Canon and one agent approached me again. 

Family First Agent (FFA) : Sir, pwedeng magtanong?
Me: Yes?
FFA: May credit card po ba kayo?
Me: Yes I have.
Me: Yes.
FFA: How old are you?
Me: 2x (x is a natural number)
FFA: Congratulations Sir! You’ve won yourself gift certificates, just fill this raffle coupon.
Me: (Again, in a pathetic tone) What for? Sorry, I am not interested.
FFA: Sir, fill-up niyo lang itong raffle coupon.
Me: Sorry Miss, I am really not interested.

I’m a bit pissed off with these people. It seems like they are so desperate to have someone with credit card fill-up their forms. My animosity towards them started when they ‘victimized’ my auntie, forcing her to avail of something she didn’t need at all. Years ago (I was still in high school) when my aunt sought assistance from my mom on how to stop Family First from charging her credit card. When my mom checked the documents given to her, there’s one small paper (that doesn’t even qualify as a legal document) that states authorization of the card owner to have his/her card charged with Family First of monthly charges as payment for insurance. I think that that paper would be the “binding agreement” between Family First and their victim. I wasn’t wrong when I accompanied my aunt to their branch at SM Megamall to have the contract voided. What irked me then was that you are to void the contract before 6 months, you are required to pay them 8,000 pesos – you are paying for something you haven’t even started using nor benefiting.

My research on the internet reveals that there’s a lot of people who are actually against the current practice of the company. Here’s one from PinoyReklamo and even on the Government’s Forum. This people can really break one’s day. If they are sincere (at the least) with their products or services, they should have at the least acknowledge the decision of the client they are talking if they refused to avail whatever they are offering. After all, what’s important is that you’ve never pissed off your client and perhaps even refer to your company if they know someone needing your services.


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