Whoa! 5GB Mailbox?

Just after lunch, while checking my e-mails, I noticed that my Hotmail (aka Windows Live Mail) account is 5GB! Whoa! How could I ever fill a mailbox that big!


While I see this as a potential marketing ploy against GMail (which currently is providing 2.8GB++ and still counting mailbox size), I still prefer to use GMail compared to Hotmail. Fine, the service is better, much more “powerful” than the latter but I fully enjoy GMail because of simplicity. No fuzz, no annoying ads, no annoying additional marketing things on the signature, it’s basically plain e-mail with the ease of use.

Though, I would still keep this mailbox since most of my e-mails when I was still working with Microsoft is still here. Nostalgia of course. 😛


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