Back In Manila

I arrived last night around 1930H from Cagayan De Oro. I’m missing not the place but the company of my nephew who had me smiling and laughing all throughout my recent furlough. He’s my constant companion/model/translator/boardmate (aka room mate) and I am looking forward to have him as my guest here in Manila.

He just can’t let go of his toy.

The Bugs Bunny tooth. 😛

Upon stepping on the house, some things hit me back to remind me of some things:

1) A female called in our house, looking for me (I think it is the HR, they miss me a lot. :P)
2) Telephone Bill
3) Groceries
4) Credit Card I Bill (I hit my second all-time-high bill).
5) Credit Card II Bill
6) I need to hit the gym to get rid of the excess calories gained during my leave
7) I need to report back to work (Though fortunately, my “tasks” were finished the day before I left for Cagayan De Oro. I haven’t received any updates or additional things to do in my e-mail as far as my checking is concerned).
8) Pasalubong? (What is this word?)
9) Upload Pictures
10) Clean the Room

I think I’ll borrow my co-Juniors’ line: “butas na naman ang bulsa ko, barya lang savings ko. (My pocket’s empty again. I could only save less)”.


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