Somewhere in the South

Greetings from Cagayan De Oro City!

I am staying in this province for the past 4 days for retreat/rest/commemoration activities. Internet is not really rare in this province only that I am currently staying up in the mountain (literally) where my uncle is living. They (with my aunt) are currently alone with my nephew in their house that’s why we’ve decided to stay in their place.

My stay so far is quite reminiscing as the last time I went here was the death of my grandmother 8 years ago. One of the reasons why I decided to have a vacation here, at this unexpected time, is that last Sunday was my grandfather’s 10th death anniversary. I haven’t had enough time to spend with him since they are based in Mindanao and most of the time should they come up here in Manila is I’m busy with school.

Also, I took this opportunity to have a rest away from the busy life of Manila. I originally intended to go White Water Rafting in this province but schedule doesn’t permit me to do so. Instead, we went mountain hopping – not without purpose but meeting relatives and my mom’s acquaintances in work. Last Saturday, we went to Kibawe, Bukidnon to fetch my cousin from work. It’s been a practice for my aunt to fetch him since most of my cousins moved out of the house because they have either worked outside the province or had started to own family and also because this cousin of mine is the father of my nephew currently staying in their house. The trip was tiring since we had to go up and down mountains to get there (as the people claim there, it is the largest province of Mindanao). On that day was my first time to eat raw durian and it is really true that the smell stays on your hands and quite fortunately not on my mouth. 😛

Since Sunday, we’ve been eating like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve been rounding almost all our relatives here and they are very warm in welcoming us offering us at the least protein rich foods such as lechon and kinilaw. I guess that’s the “signature” food of that province. I don’t know if my weight will shoot up countering any weight loss that I have while working out but I am pretty sure know my limitations when it comes to eating. Also, the town fiesta of Cagayan De Oro fell on the dates of my stay here and I was lucky to witness the town fiesta celebration of the town.

I have pictures here with me but with the limited time to transfer the pictures, I’d rather have it when I get back to Manila on Thursday. By that time, I can consider myself “refreshed” despite the salary deductions that I will be meeting on the next payday. Hehehe.


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