Quezon City Business District?

I am thinking of setting up a small business in our city and was thinking how much and what are the things that I need to set-up one in our city. Browsing the internet, I searched for some information about Quezon City (QC) was quite hooked when I saw news in the official website of the city about having a Central Business District in QC.

Reading the article, I never knew that an article published years ago is becoming a reality. As far as I can remember, there’s a newspaper article that my dad had me read about the possible development of our area named as “North Triangle Development Project”. I was anxious then of the project since infront of SM North Edsa, a bazaar like set-up is present called “People’s Park”. Years later, this place was tore down and all I knew the reason for that is because of the construction of the Metro Rail Transit. My memory of the article went away since I was too pre-occupied with school stuff and socio-political concerns weren’t my cup of tea then.

At present, we’ve been discussing this again with my father and fortunately, he kept a copy of the article posted more than 12 years ago (the said clipping was published July of 1995) and I would be showing you some pictures of the said article. I wasn’t able to scan the picture since we don’t have one in our house (well actually it doesn’t work anymore) and I don’t want to use to scanner in the office for personal reasons. In the pictures, you will see some similarities especially where the current location of TriNoma is standing.

An overview of the article. Geez, my dad was able to keep the news clip for more than 10 years!

Here’s one of the tip of the triangle. From what I see, this is near the road that was made from Edsa to Mindanao Avenue if you are going Northbound of Edsa.

Here’s the left lower part of the triangle. For those with 20/20 vision, you see that Shoemart is mentioned and yes, that is SM North Edsa today. Sorry for the small text, the image depicted on the lower part of the picture is the North Avenue station of MRT and the circle something, that’s part of the Entertainment complex that will be setup (then). I think this structure is where TriNoma stands now.

Knowing these, I think it would be good idea to have my future business to be set-up in this area. It would still take me some time to put my plans into reality but given that the developments happening in our city, it won’t be that hard for me to be in business.


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