Quote of the Day

The rains yesterday gave us a chance to watch a movie. Not that we were given an allowance or sort but we were dismissed earlier than the prescribed time of work. Most of the places near our office is flooded and I guess HR has made a sound decision of letting us leave early. I took this opportunity to watch a movie since it’s been weeks since I last watched one (The Simpsons being the last).

I actually have 4 choices of movies to watch: Blades of Glory, Rush Hour 3, Bourne Ultimatum and A Love Story (Filipino movie). I chose the fourth one since I’m a bit alone and I think love story movies are best watched alone if you’re alone and unattached. I loved the movie not because of any other reason but the story, although almost common among Filipino love stories, has a different taste and different delivery. This is really a big thumbs up for them and I would recommend the movie to others to watch.

At the end of the day, there’s one quote in the movie that struck me so well:

“Ang babae ay parang bulaklak, huwag mo siyang pipitasin kung sisirain mo lang, because you won’t be able to find a flower like her again” (A woman is like a flower, do not pick it if you’re only to destroy it, because you won’t be able to find a flower like her again.)

There’s another line though not verbatim, still the same context:

“Once you’re given with a flower, you should continue to nurture it”

Mushy as it seems, the movie is still great!


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