Another Tiring Saturday

I got my rest this Saturday from some “required” extra-curricular (EC) activities. Unlike last week, I had a complete rest last Friday and I started my Saturday morning right with a gym workout. I missed going to the gym every Saturday because of my EC activities and/or other engagements.

Prior to this, my co-Junior (in the Microsoft Juniors Program) has scheduled a photo shoot in UP Diliman this Saturday. He originally planned to have the shoot whole day but since a few agreed to come (and I can only come in the afternoon after my gym), he decided to make it half day. Besides, the weather seems to be bad the past days that’s why there’s a bit of hesitancy to proceed with the shoot. Luckily, the shoot proceed but I came late since he sent me an SMS on my other number – the number that is for work and other business related activities (in another phone which I can turn off whenever I don’t want to be disturbed by work, et. al). The shoot would be beneficial for me since I haven’t learned well yet shooting in natural light. I am still quite confused on what specific measure that I should make on shutter speeds and aperture. The largest aperture that I have is on my Canon 50mm 1.8 lens and sometimes, I have to increase my shutter speed should I want to shoot at that aperture (1.8, though I barely shoot on that measure on bright daylight).

I was able to take shots of Palma Hall, Sunken Garden, the College of BA’s giant machine gun, at the lagoon and of course, at the Oblation. Though generally, I’m a bit disappointed with the outcome of the pictures since I haven’t maximized well the usage of my kit lens (18-55mm) during the shoot since it gives me blurred picture (on the whole picture, not the bokeh effect).

My co-Junior Eugene taking shots at the Sunken Garden. He owns by the way a lomography camera.

On my way home, I passed by Trinoma, not to shoot pictures but just to pass by going to SM North. Walking around, I saw that Powerbooks has a month long sale that gives discounts to books by as much as 70%. Well, in my experience, those books that have 70% discount are the nonsense books. Sorry for the term, but the books they put on sale are the books that was barely sold maybe because it doesn’t fit the Filipino market or they are just damn stupid. Imagine, I saw an erotic photography book that sells for 2,600 bucks and the text is in French.

I delighted myself by getting 3 more Pugad Baboy books and another book in management (the set of books that I always read and collect), Winning by Jack Welch. The original price of the book is 839 pesos but I got it at sweet 588 pesos. Computing the difference, I got a 30% discount on the book even if it says that no-sticker books have a 20% discount.

You can check out on Powerbooks’ Sale so that you can check more books. I am not sure if they would have new releases on the pipeline but I do suggest to take a visit and get the books you want at a lower price. You might not be sure if the book that they have on stock right now might still be available within the sale period should they run out of stock (by demand).


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