I’m bored and it’s rainy outside the office. Inasmuch as I want to get home early, seems like the weather isn’t cooperative. Out of boredom, I composed this two block poem. Still, it is an untitled poem, just to illustrate what’s my creative mind is thinking at the moment.

The wind is blowing
And I feel cold
Boredom is coming
With no one to hold

Emptiness has come this rainy season
And I just can’t explain for any reason
All I want when the rains are bound
Is to have you beside me, safe and sound


One thought on “Rains

  1. The poem’s effecacy comes from its 3-part organization that is first, it achieve to make a rich description of the scene – the rains. Which then triggers the 2nd, a meditation of the writer’s felings and the 3rd, returning to the initial scene to finally reveal the real sentiment which the poem of the rains is expressing.

    Simple organization to achieve clarity. A required element for an effective love poem.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

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