Tiring Weekend

The past weekend was one of the tiring weekends I had. Last Saturday, I went to Batangas City for a talk in University of Batangas about PowerPoint 2007. It’s not my first time to be in that school – in fact, I’ve been there for 2 times prior last Saturday. First was when I had a talk there about ASP.NET 2.0, as part of my work in Microsoft Philippines then and the second one was last September 2006 when I lead a hands-on laboratory training on ASP.NET 2.0 as well. Going to Batangas on a 1-hour sleep proves to be not that easy yet I managed to deliver well on my prezo. Talking to a crowd of 700+ is no joke but I think I have mastered it well (hehe).

Come Sunday, I wasn’t able to attend our service since I am too tired with our Saturday event. Aside from that, I really had to take a good long sleep because of the sleep deficiency that I had the day before. After my Sunday gym workout, I received an SMS from my high school friend that she and another batchmate of mine will be treating us for dinner since it is their birthday month. It’s been months since we last saw each other and it’s nice to be with your old friends and knowing that they are still there even if you don’t talk that much. Our meeting have shown how we missed each other. Even if the service of Califonia Pizza Kitchen is too slow (they became fast when we asked for the bill. :P), our stories filled-in the gap waiting for our orders.


One notable quote that was coined during our get together was about love. Talking about the irony of ironies, this thing was brought up. In Filipino, it was “madali para sa isang tao na magmahal ngunit mahirap na ikaw ay mahalin [ng taong minamahal mo]”. The translation in English is: “it’s easy for someone to love but is hard to be loved in return” – but of course it is in on a case to case basis. I brought my camera with me but it was so unfortunate that I ran out of battery even before we started our meal. Then again, before we call off the night, it was a memorable one and wished that our get together time isn’t constrained with work and exams the next day (One of us is taking up law).

Before I sleep last night, I just realized that even if I am not that lucky in the matters of the heart, I am lucky enough to have my friends around especially those high school friends of mine that I barely communicate to. Not that I don’t want to send them SMS but I too pre-occupy myself with things that I almost not enjoy my life. Good thing that the Juniors and my highschool friends are there to support me and I am really thankful for having them around.


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