Still More TriNoma Pictures

I was cleaning my portable hard drive minutes ago when I saw a set of pictures I took more than a month ago. I observed that the growth of page views in my blog was attributed to the TriNoma pictures that I have posted and as such I decided to take more pictures of the site to help the curious ones to get a taste of the mall (especially to my friend based in Singapore who’s asking for pictures of the said mall). I decided then to go back to the mall and take some pictures of the notable structures of the mall. Unfortunately, I was only able to get 3 pictures as I was told by the security guard not to take pictures without subjects. That is, if you are not taking a picture with a person in it (you know what I mean), it is not allowed for security reasons. I do understand their concern however, I find it futile to restrict photographers taking pictures of the site since “terrorists” (for the lack of term to coin or we can say people who have bad intentions of doing something bad) can still take pictures with subjects yet focusing their camera on their “target”. Geez, if you want to take pictures without subjects and you are using your phone camera, it’s OK BUT if you’re using a DSLR, it’s not allowed. Whew!

Fine, fine. For the safety of the mall and with my honest intentions for the mall publicity, I’m posting the pictures of some sites MOST PEOPLE GO to have their pictures taken.

This shot was taken in the entrance of the mall facing Mindanao Avenue.

Also, this fountain is located in the entrance of the mall facing Mindanao Avenue.

This is the last picture that I have taken is the walkway located in the third floor of the mall. The first time I went here, it is still under construction but at this point, the fountain already works. So I guess, this would be the last photoset that I’ll be doing for TriNoma but definitely not the last time that I’ll be visiting the mall.


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