This is not about Iza Calzado’s character in the defunct show of GMA 7’s Encantadia nor it isn’t about the northeast monsoon but it is the name of my new gadget – a Creative Zen Vision M.

I got this gadget in a way by accident. My mom went to the US for a month and since gadgets are cheaper there than here in the Philippines, I asked her to buy me a Creative Zen Vision W. I prefer to have that unit since I am into photography, it would be much more easier for me to transfer my photos to another device without bringing my laptop. I know it is a hassle carrying your laptop during shoots and much more for me that my laptop’s battery is dead already and I need a live power source everytime I have to use it.

When she returned last last week – I was so excited to play with the device but to my dismay when the packages were opened, it contained this one. At first, I tried to convince myself that this isn’t ok – I have to sell it and get the W by all means. I posted my sale to the forums that I frequent to but none of them got a positive reply. Then I remember my officemate who’s looking for an mp3 player and I offered the sale to him. Days passed and he seems to be unsure if he’s getting the unit or not – I have decided not to sell it anymore. During the days I was waiting for his confirmation, I felt the comfort and the ease of carrying it around. Despite having a larger size than that of an iPod, the gadget is more than what iPod offers but then the brand of the latter is far more superior than what I currently have. The heck, iPod can’t play most of the file formats for both audio and video. Also, it doesn’t have native support for radio and can’t record voice conversations. Furthermore, this device can sync your Outlook calendar with its built-in calendar so you don’t forget any upcoming appointments that you have. One cool feature of this device is that if you want to play a VCD file (usually the one with the .dat extension), you don’t need to convert the file into MPG or any format. Simply drag and drop the file to the Zen Vision Explorer and the video will play as is. The screen is quite small for you to watch a full-length film but for me, as long as the video plays, that’s good enough for me.

As such, I gave the name “Amihan” to the device. Sounds “girlie” but the device itself could be attributed as to what “Amihan” means. In the Philippines, “hanging amihan” means northeast monsoon that brings prevailing winds to the country coming from Siberia, China, and Japan. Geographically, the winds come from the north going down. I used that similarity as to what the device helps me from de-stressing myself from stressful things in life. Music soothes my soul and relaxes my spirit even if I’m listening to lite alternative music.

The device is hard drive based and using it under extreme physical movements (such as jogging) is a no-no. I’ve seen a lot of people in the gym using iPods while working out and some of them use while running on the treadmill. I don’t know if they know what doing such shortens the lifespan of their mp3 players or they just want to show-off that they have those devices.

“Amihan” is around 2 weeks old and glad that the one that was bought is the latest released firmware for the device that has seamless integration with Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Vista. If you are getting an mp3 player, I won’t think twice recommending this to you over iPod. iPod is cool but just a fad. If you’re for the brand, go for it, if you’re for practicality without compromising features, go for Creative. For Zune, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

By the way, I’m not paid by Creative to promote their product. I just find it useful. 😛


2 thoughts on “Amihan

  1. Which one? The device? The entry or what? If it’s the device, then it’s your own opinion. If the entry is something that you are not looking for, sorry but it’s my entry. Burburbur, blahblahblah. 🙂

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