Loving Ratatouille

Weekends are the days where I usually watch movies. It’s a consolation for myself after a tiring week of work and responsibilities in the house. Last Sunday, I took another break and watched Ratatouille.

So far, there’s no Pixar movie that I didn’t like and the people at Pixar made another beauty in the form of this movie. After the numerous movies they have made before (Incredibles, Monsters Inc.), here comes Ratatouille, the wonderful story of a rat who wants to be different and dreams of becoming a chef!

I have watched several movies in the past (Transformers, Harry Potter 5, Die Hard 4.0) and I think this surpasses my expectations from the movie. Despite having the movie promoted months before its showing, it has never lost the excitement that I am looking in the movie.

It is a simple yet complex story of having ourselves examined what and who we are and what we are capable of and achieving one’s dreams against all odds. Despite having almost the same ingredients as the previous Pixar movies, it is still something to look for — stunning, entertaining, touching, and worth remembering. I would say that this movie is worth buying in DVD soon.

I’ll try to watch The Simpsons later. Positive reviews so far outweigh the negative ones, guess this one is a good shot also.

Again, if you haven’t watched Ratatouille yet, watch it and I would suggest that you better watch it from the start.


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