Missing Singapore

It’s been a year since I went to Singapore for some training-vacation-jobhunt matters. I am not sure but there’s something inside of me wanting to go back to that city-state. Definitely it’s not because of looking for a new work – I have just transferred and pretty very happy with where I am right now – but perhaps the love of the place.

Being a work-oriented person, I love the set-up of house-office-house routine and the ease of going to-fro the places you have to go on a daily basis. How I wished we have that orderly transport system similar here in PH and the discipline people observe in public transportation. Moreover, the techie in me fell in love in one of the places there where you can buy gadgets for a lower price compared here in PH.

Then again, I still have to plan my trip since I am not yet a regular in my new office — I just turned a month old there last Friday. Singapore has left me good memories even if my stay there is relatively short. Wished I had longer period staying there then and if possible, I could have witnessed their 41st Independence Day and how they celebrated it. I really miss the place and I’ll try to be back.


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