Why is the SSS website slow?

I was trying to check my contributions to the Social Security System website but it seems like it takes forever to load the page despite running on a 1Mbps internet connection. After X number of minutes, where X is greater than 20, I saw this error page:

Now I know why. *evil grin*


13 thoughts on “Why is the SSS website slow?

  1. My post was already more than a year old. However, I would safely say that I prefer the previous way of checking contributions rather than having a separate username/password to “access” the account plus another authentication required to “access” the contributions.

  2. Hi there! Well I guess you’re right, the website is kinda slow and it’s not compatible with all the web browsers too. I found out that Internet explorer is better to use than mozzila. I tried logging in my account using mozzila at its not that good coz it wouldnt show me some of the tabs that i need to click. You have to place your mouse cursor on the same area where those tabs are seen when you use IE and it will work. Good for me coz I’ve already viewed my account before using IE thats why I was able to locate it but if you’re a newbie you wouldnt know it’s there. Hope this post helps some of the members in viewing there accounts better. Ciao!

  3. ang tatanga ng gumawa ng sss website…. slow loading hindi mpakinabangan at ngalagay p ng high quality graphics s homepage kya mas babagal….fucking website….

    frm —-anonymous—-

  4. Don’t know what kind of I.T. SSS have, but whoever did this kind of site are somewhat new to a field of web development. I hope you better upgrade or better yet remove all your I.T. there and replace it with professionals. I know pag goverment palakasan basta kamag-anak or kaibigan pasok ka kahit walang alam.

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