I suffered my first injury in my entire gym life.

Last Wednesday, I attended RPM (the Les Mills cycling class) after office. I intentionally went to the office early in the morning to catch up the class with enough time to do weight/strength training (aka squatting 70-100kgs). Since I am following an Escalating Density Training (EDT), I maintained my load but increased the repetitions.  On the first few sets, the training was OK not until I reached the 90kg weight. My glutes started to ache as if it was my first time going back to the gym. I thought it was a simple muscle sore but seems like it isn’t since up to now, the pain is still there but not as painful as it was before.

After the weight training, I reduced my strength training workout and instead took a rest to prepare for the RPM class. With the new release (RPM 35), I find the music much more better than the previous one. While on the 3rd track, I was diligently following the resistance but only to the point where I can tolerate it. Suddenly, just before the track ends, I felt slight cramps in my legs. Just when I thought I can simply stretch my leg and hold my breath for a while to release the pain. Little I knew, that would be the start of my injury. Reaching the 6th track (of 9 tracks including Riding Home and Stretch), the cramp attacked on both legs. I wasn’t able to complete it but rather spent almost the whole time of the track on massaging my legs to subside the pain. Even if things turned out that way, I was still able to walk well (but in a way tolerating the pain) but I think I won’t be able to do the same exercises until these pains have healed.

Too much gym maybe is bad. I guess my body tells me that I should be contented first for the 50 lbs that I have lost yet (after going to the gym for the past 10 months). Or maybe, my body was just adjusting to the new schedule that I have (since I transferred office, my workout schedule was changed) – I used to workout in the morning, every possible day a week but not less than 5 days, but because of the morning cut-off, I had to be in the office by 10 am.

Later, I’m going back to the gym to do a new routine in workout. Perhaps, I’ll do a lighter load first and when things go well, I’ll go back to my old routine.  Geez, I never thought I’ll reach to this point but this serves a good reminder as well that my body needs to rest, even for a short time.


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