Moving On

Today marks my last day in my current work at GMA New Media Inc. I would be leaving my post as a Web Developer thus relinquishing my duties in the Philippine Entertainment Portal.

Quite funny that almost last year (four days earlier to be exact), I posted in my previous blog that I am leaving my position in Microsoft Philippines as an Academic Developer Evangelist. However, things are different then and now as I had an end of contract last year while my moving out this time is more of a career move decision. I had a hard time weighing in the options that was laid down on me, the possible consequences, the pros and cons, the sacrifices I have to take if I have to make the decision to move out.

In my previous blog entry, I mentioned that I am quite confused on how things are fast moving with regards to my career. After some thinking with how things are and where I might be going, and asking myself if I am doing the right decisions, I have decided to move out and join the new company that has recruited me. My primary motivation isn’t salary per se but the type of work/technology that I wanted to specialize in. For the past four years, I have been doing PHP and the largest of which is the Philippine Entertainment Portal. My work at Microsoft Philippines before encouraged me to use .NET and my experience there is truly great. Unfortunately, after my short stint there, all of the companies where I have applied at didn’t respond positively to my application (as a .NET developer) thus ending up in my current employer. BUT BUT BUT, this doesn’t mean that I take my current employer for granted. If not for this company, I wouldn’t have worked with the company’s partners and the persons behind Philippines’ top sites (GMANews.TV,,

This decision isn’t easy to take and I must admit that there would be certain things that I’ll be missing in my exit. One of course is the proximity of the office from our residence and at the same time the acquaintances and friends that I have made in this company. I don’t have any complaints with the company at all but it’s just that the technology that they are using and the roadmap as well of future projects doesn’t jive in well with my personal career plans. However, this doesn’t mean that I can’t work with them in the future. While my exit is relatively faster than what it is supposed to be for leaving employees, I am not closing my doors to any help that I can do for them.

It is with regret that I have to leave this company to follow my goals but it is with pride to say that I have worked with the best teams in the Philippine’s #1 broadcast network (Ok I must admit, I am an ABS-CBN fan working in GMA).

Masarap maging kapamilya ang mga Kapuso! Thank you for everything and I hope we can work again together!


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