New Camera Lens

I bought yesterday a new lens for my camera. As a budding photographer that shoot portraits, I decided to get my self a Canon 50mm 1.8 II.

It’s a prime lens that allows me to shoot bright pictures even at low lighting conditions due to the smaller aperture. Also, it would also help me to achieve the Bokeh (Japanese for blur) effect much more easier compared to the kit lens I originally have. Here’s a picture of my officemate taken with the new lens. It’s EXIF data is 1/20 shutter speed, f1.8, 50mm focal length.

My choirmates’ picture with bokeh effect using my 18-55 kit lens:

I also intend to get a Canon L-lens (for my wedding photography interest) in the future. Although I still have much to enjoy with my lens, I look forward in shooting weddings.


One thought on “New Camera Lens

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