Bland Announcement

Geez, how lame or stupid my post is, I was surprised to see that the walkway from MRT North Avenue Station to Trinoma is already open. I happen to come from Glorietta last night to visit my peers manning the Digital House of Microsoft in the BPI Madness sale in Makati. On my way home, I saw that the then closed railings (or whatever you call them) going to Trinoma is already open.

This means that you need not to go down the station (North Avenue) and climb to the stairs on the side of Trinoma to get into the mall. Well, unless you want to burn off some extra calories, then take the “old way” of going to the mall from the station. It’s actually an added benefit for the commuters especially that the rainy season has started and it would be hassle going down and up again to get to the mall. I hope that this move will lure in more people to visit the mall even in its infancy stage.

Dayo na!


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