More Ayala Trinoma Pictures

I personally went to Trinoma last Saturday with my friend to check out the place and what can it offer compared to SM City. I must admit that I can say that I am a “laking SM” since childhood. It has always been a Mecca where I can buy everything I need from school works, groceries, personal needs and up to entertainment.

Upon entering the MRT side entrance (the walkway from MRT to Trinoma isn’t fixed yet – you have to go down the street and climb the stairs towards the mall), a lot of stores are still closed although the upcoming stores’ names are already indicated there. Mister Donut is already open and it isn’t your ordinary stall – it is much more like a cafe similar to the Dunkin Donut set-up in SM North, only bigger.

As you walk past Mister Donut, you’ll be welcomed by the large Activity Center (I am not familiar with the exact name yet).

During that time, an activity has just ended and I saw people taking pictures of whoever-the-character-there in the stage. The stage is not that wide compared to Glorietta but the viewing area here is way better here. People can appreciate more whatever performance is happening here since there are more floors available and the short distance between the viewing area and the stage makes one appreciate more what’s happening there.

On a closer view, I also liked the coliseum styled stage though I wish it was much bigger too.

Some of the stores are already open though majority of them are still close. But if you are a typical family mall goer, the place is already OK. Fastfood is already available – I haven’t seen Jollibee myself but McDonalds is in the same floor as Timezone beside Olympic Village.

Going further, the entrance near Mindanao avenue has this structure. I presume that in this area is where that reverse waterfall is. I like this specific view because it is a refreshing view inside the mall. The glass enclosed elevator is also cool and I might try it some other time.

Here’s a view from a lower point of the picture above. The 3 “showers” you see on the coffee shop is part of the reverse waterfall of the mall.

Before this structure was built, I remember that this area is where the MRT depot is found. As such in the picture above, I noticed that there’s a MRT train that came out from the farthest right area of the picture. I think it is safe to assume that Trinoma sits on top of the MRT depot.

This garden is found on the level under the cinemas. We weren’t able to get pictures of the outside garden (which is a Zen inspired one) of the cinemas because the rains suddenly fell.

Interestingly, Fitness First is also coming to Trinoma. I am not particularly sure on how this will be different from the Fitness First found in the opposite mall. As the name implies, there could be some sense of exclusivity but I am not also sure how this specific brand par against Fitness First Plus found in RCBC Makati.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to be back this Saturday again to get more pictures. Hopefully, I can bring my DSLR with me rather than my camera phone.


6 thoughts on “More Ayala Trinoma Pictures

  1. Hi,
    I was looking for photos of TriNoma’s Activity Center, and a Google Image search led me to your blog. I shared two photos from your blog with the Yaminoys yahoogroup (a group dedicated to American Idol finalist Elliott Yamin), the ones showing the stage set-up and seating area. I hope you don’t mind, the photos give a clear picture of what we can expect to see during Elliott’s show there on Sept 21 🙂

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