Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, we were supposed to go to Sagada, a province in the northern Philippines but due to limited seat problems, our trip planner decided to call-off the said outing and reschedule it later in June. Since I am in a way “pressured” with all the work I have in the office, I decided to join the outing which my relatives from my mother’s side had planned in Bataan.

We had our vacation in Bagac, Bataan, one of the farthest towns of Bataan and we stayed in the rest house of Lopez Clan, from the family of the owners of ABS-CBN. We were able to get that place since my cousin works for their telecommunications business, Bayantel.

The house is quite big and it has 7 rooms with each room capable of accommodating 10 persons. But the house isn’t that quite overwhelming the sceneries at the side and at the back.

At the side of the house is a mountain though I am not particularly sure of the name. What’s cool is that the clouds touches the mountain cap.

At the back of the house is a scene overlooking the beach. It’s an ideal place for photographers since the site is facing the west where the sun sets. You can get “dramatic” shots of the sun setting over the horizon.

A wider view at the back with a more visible horizon. The wind blows really cool here. It’s really a good break from the scorching heat in the Metro.

Unfortunately, there’s no enough light to put up a good effect on the scene but here’s the sun setting. Due to the lack of time, we have decided to go to the beach the next day since it would be dangerous to go swimming in the beach after 6pm.

The beach isn’t that like Boracay or Puerto Galera but the sands is quite good since it is light brown in color. I tried trekking up to the farthest part of the area but I am afraid to go there since the place is rocky and I might slip and get injured. Though, I got 2 more shots on the beach’s area.

When I walked to the “rocky” area, I’ve notice that the farthest point has no trail to get there by foot. I remembered the last time we went here 12 years ago, we went there by boat.

The rightmost part of the beach’s stretch.

I am badly tanned as I forgot to put on some sunblock. Although I didn’t last that long in the water (as I prepared cooking the barbeque), I guess I won’t go swimming again without sunblock.

The place is really far better than the one we’ve been through in La Union. The sea water is clear  as you can see the small rocks underneath. If not because of the trapped workday today, April 30, we would have returned to Manila tomorrow.


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