Back when I was looking a job, I signed up for an account each in the Philippines’ leading job searching sites (JobStreet and JobsDB). I keep on checking my account then for resume views and updates for interviews and after almost a month of vacancy, I got a job offer from my current employer.

From time to time, I update my resume based on the projects that I have completed, earned certifications, technical talks engaged and every time I do this, I receive calls/e-mails from various employers asking me if I can accommodate an  interview with them. Fortunately, I am happy with my current work and despite being hectic, I enjoy working and somehow, I am making use well of what I have learned in my degree. I always decline these interview requests yet in a formal manner. Last week, I received another e-mail (after more than 4 months of non-editing/updating my resume) from a certain American company based in Ortigas asking me for an interview. Since my schedule these days are very light and my day to day activities vary from small site revisions and I am still waiting for my next assignment, I gave this company time for an interview. I went half day yesterday to attend to the interview and so far it started on time.

The interview went on with the usual question and answer, both technical and non-technical questions related to work. It ended up well that I never thought that after that initial interview, I was already recommended to be interviewed by the hiring manager. I feel elated that, modesty aside, even if I didn’t apply in this company, they are considering my credentials and experience as a fit for the job. The interviewer, would be if ever my direct manager and he was able to disclose to me the project that I’ll be handling should the employment will push through and the possible scenarios that can happen that includes frequent on-site deployment to the USA and their expansion in the Australian region.

Upon leaving the interview, certain things played on my mind and checked on the circumstances that will happen if ever I made the cut, should I take the job or not. I am favoring joining this company but I am not assuming yet since there’s one more interview that can make or break my entry. One of the reasons why I am intending to join the company is that they’re using Microsoft development technologies which I only barely use in my free time. Most of the applications that I have created are for demos in my technical talks with the offline Microsoft communities that I belong. After my stint in Microsoft Philippines, I tried looking for a company that looks for ASP.NET developers but none of them respond positively to my application except for my current employer but uses another tool that I am familiar also. Another thing is that the travel benefits that I’ll be getting from this company (according to them but if it will happen or not, only time can tell) as part of their training process to get their new recruits be familiarized with the processes the company has; as well as checking/deploying the applications present in their international datacenters.

On Friday, there would be another interview but this time, with the hiring manager. I don’t know what the outcome will favor me or not. If they’ll not consider me, it’s OK since I still have a company to end up working for but if it’s the opposite, I still don’t know what to do. There’s a saying that opportunity knocks only once and it may or may not come back again. If you’re in my case, what would you do and what would be your strong basis to move or not?


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