Vista Ultimate and 2007 Office

In line with the Philippine launch of Windows Vista and 2007 Office System, Microsoft Philippines hosted a contest that have prizes of Windows Vista and 2007 Office System. Of the categories available, I participated in the Photo Contest (aka Vista Wallpaper Contest) and the Windows Sidebar Gadget contest. Surprisingly, I won the Windows Vista Gadget contest with my entry as the only working of all the entries. My gadget, as I call it the Coffee Holder, is patterned after the program that circulated once over the e-mails. If you remember the cup holder program, the one that opens your optical drive upon the click of the button; that’s the same way how my gadget works.

Cheezy? Not really (at the least for me, hehehe – of course it’s my work. ).

While it appears to have no business value, the gadget which is a combination of ActiveX controls and DHTML, is useful for those who work with a lot of optical media and pushing the button of their optical drives. Imagine saving the life of the button of your optical drive means something (yeah, that means to me). I still have a copy of this gadget however all entries become the property of Microsoft therefore I no longer hold the ownership of this one. I don’t know what would be their plans for that but all I know is the entry is theirs.

I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t be getting the whole packaged prize of this category but I am pretty sure that at the least, this entry gave me a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate and a Standard edition of the 2007 Office System. The Windows Vista prize doesn’t look like the case that I once blogged in here but nonetheless I get a better one than that!


2 thoughts on “Vista Ultimate and 2007 Office

  1. You were not given the full package product of Windows Vista Ultimate? It’s a pity. Would be nicer if they gave you both the full package Ultimate SKUs of Windows Vista and Office 2007.

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