Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten Season for the Catholics. I attended the 1215H mass at the Edsa Shrine, the famous Church where the center of People Power 2 took place, seated at the heart of the Ortigas business district. The Church was indeed full of office workers as the mass were actually scheduled for them. The priest’s homily focuses on 3 things of all the the different things that we can do as Christians during this Lenten season:

1) Pray – prayer is the most effective medium to talk to God. Though as what the Gospel reading says, it shouldn’t be delivered the way hypocrites do it – shouting and/or showing others that we indeed “pray” just to be noticed by others. Prayer is best delivered if it comes from the heart not from the words from our mouth.

2) Alms Giving – as the occassion always reminds us that we came as dust and we will leave as dust too. We all came here with nothing and definitely we will leave also with nothing. Whatever we get, earn, these are considered blessings from God and thus it should be shared with others. While it is not expected from one to give everything he/she has, a small fraction to share to others is enough for us to fulfill this.

3) Avoid being materialistic – being materialistic leads to self-centeredness that eventually leads to greed and thus creating more problems than solutions to our life. This season reminds us of the simple life Jesus has shown to us. Simple life need not to be living with primitive tools but in the sense that we should not be obsessed to material things that we cannot afford and we should only resort to things that we truly need.

This season gives us time to reflect on ourselves and to remember how Christ suffered to save us. As Christians, we should remember that without Christ in the center of our life, family, we are nothing (e.g. CHRISTIAN – I am nothing).


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