Manila By Night

It’s already 1851H in Manila and I’ve just woke up from a night-out at Antipolo. After our Friday service mass, we have decided to go to one of the nearby suburbs of Manila where you can actually see a semi-bird’s eyeview of the whole Metro Manila. I brought with me my new DSLR camera and here’s a sample shot of Manila by night.

Unfortunately, there’s the tree that hindered the nice shot. Also, the shot would have been better should I have a tripod with me (but what the heck, in a spontaneous night-out, you would haven’t thought of carrying one).

Trivia: The original size of the picture is equivalent to 10.1 MP, I’ve resized it using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. What’s good using this program is that it preserves the media details of your photo and it won’t create a “Creation Software” tag. Should you have used Photoshop for reducing the photo size, it would create that tag and have a value of “Adobe Photoshop <version here>”.


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