The Camera Search

I am soon letting go of my Fuji point and shoot camera, Finepix Z3, for a camera that I am yet to buy. I must admit that I love taking pictures and as I progress through this hobby, the “need” for a “better” camera arises when you compare that your shots are better taken with another camera.

I have two options for my next camera: another point and shoot (PNS) or a digital single lens reflex (DSLR). Canon would be my preferred brand but I still have to check on other camera models as well (depends if they suit my taste). For the PNS, I guess the newer models of Canon is great (based on some reviews) and I am not really picky on how many megapixel (MP) the camera has. Most of the pictures that I am taking are either for keeps or for photo album only. If these would get printed, I don’t think I would go beyond the 8R (8″ x 10″) print. What I am more concerned right now is the processor of the camera – how does the camera process raw shots to JPEG (or for any format in particular).

While it appears that DSLR has better image processors than point and shoot cameras, aside from having this better processors, you also have the flexibility of adjusting some settings such as aperture, shutter speed, and other stuff related to photography. The caveat is that the price reaches up to 2 times the price of a PNS. As of this point, I am more pressed to get a DSLR. It might look as an overkill if I’m using it for “traditional” pictures but as a hobbyist myself, I guess it would help improve my craft.

Hmmm, should I get one PNS and one DSLR instead?


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