Christmas Party @ NMI

Three (3) Christmas parties were scheduled yesterday at my hands: GMA’s (home company), Philippine Entertainment Portal’s (current project assignment) and in our choir. Of these, I attended GMA’s party – not that because it is my first but I am afraid of being slapped with the sanctions of non-appearing. He he he. I am not exactly sure what are those sanctions are but then again, why not attend the Christmas party?

The party’s theme was alien. A lot of my officemates went on their own costumes: robots to Jedis and to some sweet cartoon characters.

Hmmm, there’s a dragon ball character that I am not familiar of. Of course predator and the ever cuddly Teletubbies.

The robots with teletubbies. The Transformer at the left (the white one) really transforms! I just forgot to take a video of him transforming.

The Jedis including Master Yoda. I also a live light saber (together with the sound) that night but I haven’t had the chance to get a clear picture of it. But I really love to have that.

Of course, if the Jedis are there, Amidala should also be there. Together with what-you-call-those-minions beside her.

The Teletubbies and Squall (Final Fantasy) at the back (though he doesn’t look like Squall in this picture).

Oh, Optimus Prime is conniving with a Decepticon. Hmmm…

Prince Zardos and the Decepticon.

A mobile suit also visited us.

The Sailor soldiers and Tuxedo Mask!

We also have Dancing Robots.

The GMANews.TV team. The person on the left is my boss at GMA. He’s the head honcho of the Systems Technology Group of which I am part of the Web Team. The two guys are those maintaining the (on the technical aspect) site which just recently won as the Best Media site in the Philippines.

The Philippine Entertainment Portal ( team.

So what was my costume? I’m wearing a Superboy costume. I had to put down the jacket though because of the warm temperature inside. Superboy is an alien – and eventhough how lousy my costume was, I have just complied with the requirement.

There were a lot of raffle prizes which range from home appliances such as DVD players, rice cookers, oven toasters, and microwave oven. The major prizes include a Palm Organizer, a Nikon Digital Camera, 2 Magic Sing videoke microphone, a 4gb Ipod Nano and a 30gb Ipod Video. Luckily, my name was picked up for one of the major prizes which is a Magic Sing videoke microphone.

Overall, the night was fine and after all the announcements about how to company was growing, they announced that we will be getting our bonuses today.

Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Party @ NMI

  1. Hi Pat, the party looks awesome. Im sure you had a ball at the company party.

    Hope you have an even better new year ahead.

    PS: Do you have RSS/ syndication setup in this blog? I can’t seem to find the link.

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