Christmas Gifts

With 5 days before Christmas comes to town, I haven’t received much gifts compared last year but this year is so special not because I got few “expensive” gifts but they are somehow “cute” to my taste (or maybe I just have shallow happiness).

In our Kris Kringle (or gift giving with a theme) for the past 2 weeks, I first got this nut and bolts music man.

The one where it is standing is a washer, it’s legs are made of nails and some screws. The mouth piece is obviously the tip of a screw. The second one is a “magic ball” wherein it changes color from one to another when you throw it in the air.

When I opened my gift, it is the orange color that is facing the outside. When I throw this, the color was reversed (now with the green outside and the orange inside).

Everyone in the office got hooked with this new toy I have. We even had inserted physics terms in our discussion on how this specific ball changes color when thrown in the air. Remember trajectory path? Hehehe.

As Christmas draws close, it is not important what gifts have we received from others but what we have changed/improved to ourselves to be better persons for others. It is not Santa nor gifts that gives purpose to Christmas. Jesus, is the reason for this season!

Merry Christmas!


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